West Ottawa Ladies Chorus bring Christmas carols to Gaia Java this Friday

West Ottawa Ladies Chorus

Thanks to the tireless energy of their Leader Robert Dueck, the West Ottawa Ladies Chorus has acquired a great reputation since their relatively recent creation. They have a couple of great concerts coming up in December, and this Friday they are coming to Gaia Java to sing some preview pieces for you.

But the approaching Christmas season is also a time when the ordinary mortal in the street wants to sing, however inconspicuously. So now is your chance.

The ladies of WOLC are happy for you to sing along with some of their pieces, in fact they will often take requests (the positive ones!!) so you can pretend that your neighbour called out for ‘We three Kings’ and then indulge yourself and join in!  Hear the music of Christmas the way it should be done: sung live (as opposed to plumbed through speakers in a shopping mall) and accompanied by Robert on piano as well as the steam makers on our espresso machine!

With twenty of the chorus ladies, plus yourselves, the shop will be full but it will be fun, and the plan is to have some hot cider available for you! So grab your mitts, do some warmup scales in the bathroom, and scurry along to Gaia Java this Friday for a heart-warming evening of seasonal celebration and Stittsville goodwill. But remember the best seats go first! While you are in the shop you can pick up some tickets for their December concert. We plan to have some song sheets for you to use. If you have a folding stool bring it along – it might come in handy!

SPECIAL NOTICE: Our planned performance for this week of the ‘Crumble Quartet’ will be postponed to the New Year while Mary (their viola player) repairs her broken finger. Big thanks to the West Ottawa Ladies Chorus for coming in to preview their upcoming Christmas concert (for which we have tickets on sale in the shop).



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