Westbound Queensway lanes to re-open by Friday

Queensway construction work, looking east from the Palladium overpass

Most of the lane reductions on the westbound Queensway between Moodie and Eagleson will be removed by October 10, and the Carp Road overpass will re-open by the end of the month.

Those two updates and more were provided in an update today from  Andrew MacHardy, from McIntosh Perry Consulting Engineers.   Here’s his full email, sent to media and city officials.

Carp River Bridges

The structural work at the Carp River Bridges is complete except for paving of the surface course on the shoulder.

Highway 417 Expansion

Highway 417 Expansion is progressing on schedule even though wet weather and cooler than normal summer temperatures have been encountered causing trouble with the placement of temperature dependant surface course asphalt.  While it appears that final surface course is completed and the project is ready for public utilization, there is still work that remains. This work includes paving of shoulders and ramps, granular shouldering and sealing, overhead and ground mounted signs, and final pavement marking.

The lanes which have been reduced in the Westbound lanes between Eagleson and Moodie are required in order to safely transition the traffic prior to the work zone which begins at Eagleson and allow the construction of the new WB HOV lane which commences approximately 2.5 km East of the Eagleson structure.

All future lanes, except the new HOV lane, will be opened by October 10, 2014 between Eagleson and Moodie Drive structures.  A lane reduction will be in effect beyond the Eagleson WB off ramp to transition the traffic to the existing highway configuration that remains West of the Eagleson structure until such time the final product is available for public utilization.

The Contractor continues to work 24 hours a day in off peak periods to complete the project as soon as possible but it is very hard to give an exact timeframe as the remaining work is very weather dependent. Our estimate is late October, or early November.

Carp Road Overpass

The construction work at the Carp Road Overpass progressed very well over the summer and remains on schedule.  The structural rehabilitation is now complete.  Work remaining on Carp Road includes, rehabilitation of the roadway between WB and EB ramp terminals, minor widening of the existing granular base to match the final traffic configuration that will be present at the intersection after opening, widening of the WB ramp terminal to two southbound turn lanes, placement of asphalt on the fully paved shoulders, placement of surface course asphalt between the WB and EB ramp terminals including across the newly rehabilitated structure and implementation of the permanent intersection above and below ground infastructure including line painting.  The estimated time of completion is late October.

Eagleson Overpass

The Contractor is progressing well at this location.  The surface course asphalt remains outstanding along with some minor miscellaneous asphalt work to enhance pedestrian facilities in this area.  Placement of surface course asphalt is very weather dependant and while it is very hard to give an exact timeframe for final completion our estimate is late October, or early November.

Watt’s Creek Culvert Replacement

The work at the Watt’s Creek Culvert Replacement is complete.

In general, the high traffic volume, high complexity project is progressing on schedule with no changes to the anticipated completion date from that estimated in fall of 2011 when the project was first tendered.  For a project of such complexity and traffic volumes to remain on schedule over four construction seasons should be considered a success and in just a few short weeks the final product will be available for use by the general public.  The Contractor has worked very diligently towards completion with every effort made to not delay commuters while attempting to maximize production to reduce the duration of the project and for this they should be congratulated.

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