What to expect January 31 – Ottawa Police update

Ottawa Police badge

Throughout the weekend, the Ottawa Police Service and its partners have been actively and patiently managing a well-funded, major demonstration in the downtown core.

We have seen multiple cases of disruptive, inappropriate and threatening behaviour from demonstrators. Police are working with organizers to facilitate the safe departure of individuals and vehicles and to ensure safety. Police are aware that many demonstrators have announced their intention to stay in place. This will continue to cause major traffic, noise and safety issues in the downtown core.

We urge all residents to avoid travel to the core. 

Police have avoided ticketing and towing vehicle so as not to instigate confrontations with demonstrators. Still, confrontations and the need for de-escalation has regularly been required. 

Along with the safety issues, costs to businesses and social costs, the Ottawa Police continues to tally the financial costs of the policing costs which are estimated at more than $800,000 a day. 

If you work in the downtown core, please plan to work from home if possible. Please adjust your plans in the downtown core.

If your children attend school in the downtown area, please check with them to see if the school is open tomorrow. 

Avoid travel into the downtown core tomorrow. 

We are immensely proud of our police members and partners who have worked tirelessly to plan for and manage this demonstration over the past few days under difficult circumstances of extreme cold temperatures and difficult and challenging treatment from some demonstrators. 

Public safety remains our number one priority.


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