What’s up with the gas station on Hazeldean?

Construction is underway for a gas station at the corner of Hazeldean and Hartin. I’ve seen a few questions from residents about the development: what exactly is going in there? were neighbours consulted? does Stittsville need another gas station? what about the old gas station across the street?

First, what’s planned: Architectural drawings show an Ultramar gas station, along with a Country Style donut shop and Ultramar Corner Store, similar to the gas station that used to be at the corner of Huntmar and Palladium. (The planning documents also reference a Quickie convenience store.)

Site plan for gas station and commercial development at Hazeldean and Hartin
Conceptual drawing for the gas station and commercial development at Hazeldean and Hartin


And yes, residents did have the chance to comment on the plans. There wasn’t a public meeting held, but there was a window for the public to comment on the site plan application back in April 2015.

Last fall, Alex Quesnel looked into who owns the old gas station on the south side of Hazeldean Road. The City of Ottawa says they’re not aware of any contamination, and the owner is mum on any future plans. You can read more here.

The old gas station land is zoned GM14, which means “General Mixed Use”, allowing for a range of residential, commercial and institutional uses. GM14 allows for a very wide range of businesses, including a gas station or even a night club. Interestingly, GM14 zoning specifically prohibits a retail food store or retail store.

Old gas station at 5938 Hazeldean Road
Old gas station at 5938 Hazeldean Road


Does Stittsville need another gas station? That’s up to the market to decide. The City sets zoning bylaws to permit a range of uses, then business owners and developers can build whatever they want, as long as it fits the zoning.

Check out geoOttawa.com and select the “zoning” layer, and look for other land along Hazeldean zoned GM14 or AM9. Those are all spots where gas stations – or maybe electric car charging stations – potentially could be built in the future.

We’ll have a Mr. Gas and an Ultramar within a few hundred metres from each other because the Ultramar owners believe there are enough car drivers to support another gas station. I’m sure it won’t be the last gas station to be built along Hazeldean.


4 thoughts on “What’s up with the gas station on Hazeldean?”

  1. All these excess gas stations are all owned by the same group of owners. The big guys. And they’ll all collude together to fix the prices. One of the only true independent owners is the Pioneer in Carleton Place, that consistently sells gas at 10 cents lower than everywhere else in Ottawa.
    If only the government would ever crack down on this blatantly obvious price fixing. But they won’t. They pretend they do from time to time. Except, they don’t. At all. Ever.

  2. The zoning for this site was originally approved on the 27 Sep 2006 as CH-xx which permitted a 99 unit 5 storey apartment building, but was changed to AM9 which permits mixed uses

  3. We can all wave as we drive by in our electric vehicles in 10 years. We are currently in the process of purchasing one for the business. 12k rebate from government of ontario.

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