When times were simpler – in what direction are we moving?

(Clark Dairy of Ottawa circa 1950’s – Photo: Flickr)

After reading an article, Eileen Masse of Stittsville was prompted to send in some thoughts on the optimistic changes that the COVID-19 pandemic could bring to our lives.

I just read an article about grocery trucks going into neighborhoods and selling right from the trucks.

Are we moving forward or are we going back to the simpler life? When the milkman would deliver fresh butter and cream along with eggs and cheese. When the farmer would walk the streets with his goods. When you would walk out into your garden and grab the veggies for your supper. Slice a fresh picked tomato for your sandwich. Spend the day making jams and jellies. The smell of homemade bread fills the air.

Moving ahead or finally coming home?

Eileen Masse has a background in ECE and Early Childhood Development and is the Supervisor at the pre-school Stittsville Imagination Station on Hazeldean Road and a Spiritual Growth Director at the Stittsville United Church.


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