Where to see some great Christmas light displays in Stittsville

Christmas lights on Bell Street

Grab some hot chocolate, pack the kids in the car, turn the Christmas tunes up loud and take a tour around Stittsville to check out the lights. Here are some suggestions for great displays in our area.

Do you have a neighbour with an epic Christmas light display?  Tell us about it or snap a pic and send it to feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca so that we can share it with our readers!

My neighbours Jennifer and Sheldon have gone even bigger and brighter this year, with a light show synchronized to an FM radio music track. Watch for Santa in the upper window and the giant elephant in the front yard.  (There’s a Facebook page too.)

While you’re in Fairwinds, take a drive over to the east end of ROSEHILL (near Tramontana) and check out the giant inflatable nutcracker.

There’s another light display synchronized to music at the corner of Bell and Elm, between Stittsville Main and West Ridge.  This one (pictured above) is quite an elaborate display but it almost didn’t happen.  Homeowner Stephanie Poff emailed us back in November: “My husband (Joel) found that after months of preparation, one of the main computers had short circuited during testing a few days ago. We do not know when (or if) he will be able to get them running.”  A rush order of replacement chips from the U.S. saved the day.  “Santa’s elves and a very stressed out husband worked some Christmas magic.”  This display even has a Facebook page, where they’re accepting donations for CHEO.

While you’re in the neighbourhood, head south on ELM, and check out the Griswoldian house on the corner.

There are lots of great light displays in this area, in particular on RENSHAW (last year I called this house the best-decorated home in Stittsville, and it shines again this year), as well as on BASFORD, STEVENTON, and BERT G. ARGUE.

Jhoanna and Nick always have great Halloween and Christmas displays, and this year is no exception!

The corner of ABBOTT and STITTSVILLE MAIN is great spot for Instagramming.  Thanks to the Lions Club for setting up the lights again this year!


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There’s a low-key but nice “garden of lights” on the east side of SPRINGBROOK at the Poole Creek pathway.

There are two big trees to check on on Hazeldean. One is in front of Cabotto’s Restaurant, all sparkly and white. The other flashes on and off in front of Dr. Do Dental, along with the light-up giant toothbrush.

We didn’t see any totally over-the-top houses in our drive through the neighbourhood the other night, but there are LOTS of houses decorated. That could be thanks to the encouragement from the new community association, who are running a contest for the best display.

Not quite Stittsville, but close enough!  Check out displays on RICKEY, MELANIE, and the big tree near the tennis courts on CASTLEFRANK.

Check out this map of Christmas light displays from across Ottawa from our sister site OttawaStart.com.

Do you have an epic Christmas light display?  Tell us about it or snap a pic and send it to feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca so that we can share it with our readers!


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