Why this Stittsville garage sale stood out from the others

(L to R – Wyatt, Joseph and Maximus – supporting the importance of the World Wildlife Fund through their garage sale in Stittsville. Photo: Stittsville Central)

It was not the items to be sold, the baked goods and lemonade, nor the size – it was the cause that this garage sale was supporting.

Three young friends came together to organize their garage sale on this Victoria Day weekend to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The mission of which is “… to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth”.

(A poster the boys made and displayed for their garage sale.)

When the Stittsville boys were asked why this cause? Wyatt was quick to tell us – “So many fund raising activities are being done for cancer and the humane society, the animals in the wild need to be protected from extinction.” “They (WWF) do stuff for food and forests to help the animals,” Wyatt explained.

Maximus added, “the humane society receives lots of fund raising money, but someone has to help the planet from landfills and people have to learn of the stuff being done that is making wild animals extinct”.

“The Wildlife Fund saves the earth and looks after the environment,” Joseph added.

The boys are quite aware of the productive work that the WWF does and wanted to share the need to save the animals with Stittsville.

For a donation to the WFF, you could purchase any item at the sale. From what we saw, the boys should be proud of the amount raised. The boys can donate the funds from their corner of the world in Stittsville, knowing that their thoughtfulness has assisted the WWF to help the planet.




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