WINNING PHOTOS: the results are in for the Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society photo competition

(Danny Kingsbury submitted this first prize photograph in the Water is Life class of the 2023 SGHS photo competition. Danny also received the Best in Show Gillick Cup for his breathtaking capture of a hummingbird hovering alongside a Fuchsia plant. Photos: SGHS and Stittsville Central)

In August 2022, the executive of the Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society (SGHS) put out the call to members announcing the eight classes for their 2023 photographic competition being organized by Arlene Rowe and Penny Horeczy. With cameras at the ready, it is obvious from all of the photos (found below) that the members are incredible photographers when capturing the local beauty of nature.

The first photographic competition, started by Marge Gillick and Grace Thompson, was held in 1983 with over 100 entries being submitted including both colour slides and prints in eight classes. Today all entries are judged on an equal basis being submitted digitally. This year, the competition was judged by Diane Partlo, herself a past first place winner for her entry of Art in Nature with the Ontario Horticultural Society.

Judith Cox, President of SGHS, said of the competition, “the 2023 photo competition for the Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society proved once again that we have so many talented photographers. We were very appreciative of our judge Diane Partlo who stepped up to help us at the last minute.”

“Most importantly we were able to award our very first John Curry Memorial plaque to Brian Beattie for his photograph of many volunteers at Lee Boltwood Park. Danny Kingsbury with his ethereal shot of a hummingbird won the best in show,” added Judith.

This year there was a special class added to the competition – the John Curry Memorial Plaque. This award is in memory of long-time Stittsville resident and former owner of the Stittsville News who passed away in February, 2022. John was inexhaustible when it came to covering our local news and events with his perfect attendance. He was a dedicated supporter, member and friend of the horticultural society and for well over 35 years could always be found at the monthly meetings. With his pen or pencil and scrap of notepaper, John was known for not missing a word to share with the community. It is an honour to recognize John with this award and for Brian Beattie who won the inaugural award for the class: Capturing a horticultural activity shot within Goulbourn: (Stittsville, Richmond or Munster) that is newspaper worthy.

Lee Boltwood, a master gardener and long-time member of SGHS, having been President in 1986-87, could not have “thought of a better person than John to have an award named in their honour and memory. It is also an honour to have Brian presented with the award for the first time as he has been a member for years and has faithfully participated in the competition through the years.”

(The Gillick Cup presented annually to the Best in Show entrant in the SGHS Photo Competition can be found in the showcase at the CardelRec-Recreation Complex-Goulbourn on Shea Road. Photo: Stittsville Central)

Danny Kingsbury won the Best in Show Gillick Cup, named in honour of Marge and Jim Gillick long-time members of SGHS, for his breathtaking photo of a hummingbird hovering alongside a Fuchsia plant.

Below are the winning photos for all to appreciate.

Class 1: 2022-Canadian Year of the Garden and Red is the colour of the year. Show us the colour red in the garden.

(1st Prize and Best in Show for which he was presented with the Gillick Cup – Danny Kingsbury.)

(2nd Prize – Kim Bonin (l) and 3rd Prize – Brian Beattie (r))

Class 2: Water is Life. Capture a pond, lake, stream, puddle, fountain, falling rain in a wide setting. The landscape is important.

(1st Prize – Danny Kingsbury)

Class 3: Stems, Tendrils and Leaves. The camera angle should lead the eye to vegetables or fruit.

(1st Prize – Danny Kingsbury)

Class 4: Colours are the Smiles of Nature. Quote courtesy of Leigh Hunt. Capture the things your eyes are attracted to in the fall.

(1st Prize – Danny Kingsbury)

Class 5: The Beauty of Bugs. Closeups of interesting insects. Macro shots are accepted.

(1st Prize – Jennifer Wilkinson)

Class 6: Snow in the Garden. Ornamental grasses, plumes, dried seed heads or berries can be part of the inclusive picture.

(1st Prize – Brian Beattie)

Class 7: Patterns. A repetition of shape, colour or size found in plants. Indoor plants are eligible as well.

(1st Prize – Cathy Lunau)

Class 8: John Curry Memorial Plaque. A horticultural activity shot within Goulbourn: (Stittsville, Richmond or Munster) that is newspaper worthy.

(1st Prize – Brian Beattie who captured the many hard-working volunteers who have worked for weeks to ensure that Lee Boltwood Park would be ready for its official opening in June 2022.)
(The SGHS John Curry Memorial Award, presented annually, can be seen in the showcase at the CardelRec-Recreation Complex-Goulbourn on Shea Road. Photo: Stittsville Central)

“We will be deciding on next year’s categories very soon and hope even more of our members will share their amazing images,” Judith shared.

A volunteer organization, the members unite to share their interest and enthusiasm in all things gardening. Should you wish to find out more about the SGHS, volunteer or join as a member, visit their website.



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