Wyldewood neighbourhood sign rejuvenated thanks to local businesses

(The entranceway sign to the Wyldewood neighbourhood has been in the works since 2019 and the official ‘unveiling’ under COVID protocols took place on August 24, 2021. Present for the event were: Mario Florent and Nancy Therrien of Stittsville Glass & Sign; Councillor Glen Gower; and, Kevin Pidgeon, President of Nautical Lands Group. Photos: Stittsville Central)

The entranceway sign to the Wyldewood neighbourhood at Stittsville Main Street has been a work in progress since 2019 and has been restored with a brand new look. In 2019 when the project was initiated, the sign was looking quite aged. Councillor Glen Gower felt the same and collaborated with local businesses and worked with the local residents to choose a design and have the sign restored to its former self – with a new modern design in keeping with the heritage graphics appearance.

On August 6, 2019, a community meeting was hosted by the Councillor with a team from the Nautical Lands Group (Kevin Pidgeon, Mark Williams and Charles Beaulne) who had came forward to volunteer their time and financing to restore the sign. Luc and Nancy Therrien of Stittsville Glass & Sign offered to produce the sign.

(Attendees listen to Kevin Pidgeon as he presents the entranceway sign options to the August 6, 2019 community meeting. Photo: Stittsville Central)

At the 2019 meeting, three conceptual options of various materials and styles were presented by the Nautical Lands Group for the sign design. As the design work began, each option was revised with feedback received from the community. The final decision was made – the community agreed to have a quarried stone sign installed.

Due to the pandemic, work on replacing the sign was held up until 2021. The original sign had been demolished in July 2020, leaving a barren entranceway to Wyldewood.

The sign was finally completed on July 15, 2021, with the official thank you taking place with those who had contributed to the project on August 24, 2021. Contributing to the project were: Kevin Pidgeon, President of the Nautical Lands Group; Nancy Therrien and Mario Florent of Stittsville Glass & Sign; and, Councillor Glen Gower, who gave of their time and resources to ensure the sign was stylish and approved by the community upon completion. Stittsville resident, Rochelle Buenviaje, contributed to the graphics for the sign design, but was unable to attend.

Councillor Gower stated, “The Wyldewood sign was reconstructed thanks to help from several individuals and local businesses in the community. A big thank you to Nautical Lands Group whose masonry team skillfully managed the design, materials, and construction of the new community entranceway. Stittsville Glass and Signs generously looked after the sign production. What a great way to revitalize both the Wyldewood neighbourhood and Stittsville Main Street!”

Kevin Pidgeon, President of Nautical Lands Group, said, “I’m happy to have contributed to bring a new entrance sign to the Wyldewood neighbourhood – it looks incredible.”

This new entranceway sign will now grace the Wyldewood neighbourhood for years to come thanks to the Stittsville businesses that generously contributed their time and resources.


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