Youth empowered to “Paint It Up!” and contribute to the beautification of Ottawa

(This enlightening mural was created for the Honey Coffee Bar at Stittsville Main and Brae in November 2021. Photo: Stittsville Central)

Working to simultaneously deter vandalism and empower local youth, the Paint It Up! mural program is now open to applications for 2022.

In partnership with the City of Ottawa, Crime Prevention Ottawa offers funding for outdoor mural projects. These projects support the prevention of vandalism and tagging while also encouraging community safety and beautifying local neighbourhoods. The Paint it Up! mural program empowers youth through community arts.

(This mural on the side of the Osgoode Museum was created through the Paint It Up! mural program)

Since its beginning in 2010, over 2,754 youth between the ages of 12 and 25 have participated in the program. Almost 90 murals featuring local art now beautify many areas of the city.

While the deadline to submit completed applications is Monday, April 4th, a pre-approved location for the mural – coordinated with – must be established by Wednesday, March 23rd.

Requirements for each project include:

  • a pre-approved location for the mural
  • a non-profit organization with an expertise in youth
  • an artist or arts organization with an expertise in murals
  • a representative of the proposed mural location

Additionally, each project should: contribute to a clean, safe, and beautiful city; seek to increase youth’s skills or employability; involve the community, youth, and property owner in the mural’s design; and finally, engage youth in all the project’s aspects.

For more information on the Paint It Up! mural program, visit Crime Prevention Ottawa’s website.



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