Zoning amendment for CRT Westwood at 5725 Fernbank Road going to Planning Committee

In 2021, the City received a zoning and subdivision by-law amendment from CRT Developments Inc. for a new phase of their Westwind subdivision located at 5725 Fernbank Road. In April, 2021 a public meeting was held regarding the amendment and new development. The amendment is on the Planning Committee’s agenda for Thursday, September 22, 2022.

Currently zoned as Development Reserve Zone (DR), this zoning permits only uses that do not preclude future development. CRT Developments Inc. in their rezoning application request a change from the DR zoning to Residential Third Density, Subzone Z (R3Z), which would allow for a mix of detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings. The park would be zoned Parks and Open Space (01).

The proposed residential subdivision will include approximately 600 new homes consisting of 206 detached houses, 261 townhouses, and 130 back-to-back townhouses. There will also be one centrally-located park block and two blocks for pathways. The layout of the subdivision has been designed with consideration of the Fernbank Community Design Plan.

Sidewalks will be provided where appropriate to facilitate connections throughout the neighbourhood. A 1.3 hectare neighbourhood park would be centrally located in the community. The subdivision will be served by a network of newly created local and collector streets organized in a modified grid format to provide an efficient layout and easy navigation throughout the neighbourhood. Most local streets will feature an 18 metre right-of-way, while a 24 metre right-of-way is proposed for the extension of Goldhawk Drive. Window streets located along Robert Grant Avenue and Fernbank Road provide for an enhanced streetscape design.

For further information on CRT Development’s zoning application #D07-16-20-0033, visit the City of Ottawa Development Applications at this link.


2 thoughts on “Zoning amendment for CRT Westwood at 5725 Fernbank Road going to Planning Committee”

  1. Why why why…do developers get the right to take up all the land. There is so much traffic around it is awful. We need some areas to see fields& and land….build parks….reduce the traffic…especially as many drivers have no idea how to drive properly!!…

  2. @LMG–We KNOW why…. there is a housing shortage. At the moment, anyway. I do wonder what will happen when our demographic shift occurs and our population will experience its long-predicted bubble. Immigration cannot keep pace with the number of expected deaths in the next 20 years. Anyway, back to @LMG and the developers, really it’s the consumers that your question is meant for. Why are they buying housing in Stittsville? Because Stittsville is awesome! Because Ottawa is crowded! Unfortunately, we no longer live in the fringe. If fields and little traffic are the kinds of things you are looking for, this community is no longer that place. 🙁 Good luck!

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