Zoning bylaw amendment proposal for east side Terry Fox near Fernbank

The city has posted a new zoning bylaw amendment application for 1039 Terry Fox Drive / 5331 Fernbank Road.  Part of that land is the farmland where you always see cows grazing on the east side of Terry Fox.

Here’s a summary from the planning documents:

The subject lands are approximately 25.5 hectares in size and consist of vacant lands currently being used for agricultural purposes. The lands are bound by Fernbank Road to the south, the Trans-Canada Trail to the north, Terry Fox Drive to the west and a pedestrian pathway to the east. A hydro corridor runs east-west along the northern portion of subject lands and a branch of the Monahan Drain runs through the center, just north of Cope Drive.

Surrounding the property, to the north is the Castleglen residential subdivision consisting of single detached, semi detached and townhouse dwellings. To the south is the future Bridlewood Trails residential subdivision and to the southwest is a commercial centre. To the west is the future Blackstone residential subdivision, which is within the Fernbank Community Design Plan. To the southeast is the existing Trail West community consisting of single detached and townhouse dwellings and to the northeast is the South Kanata Business Park.

The purpose of this application is to rezone the subject lands to accommodate a mix of employment, residential, retail and commercial uses. The plan proposes employment lands for the northern portion of the subject lands, north of the Monahan Drain and south of the Trans-Canada Trail. Residential uses are proposed north of Cope Drive and south of the Monahan Drain. The residential zone would consist of medium density residential uses in the form of approximately 225 units. Retail commercial uses are proposed north of Fernbank Road and south of Cope Drive. In the concept plan, the retail commercial uses are outlined as neighbourhood-orientated retail stores.

The subject lands are currently zoned Industrial Business Park Industrial Subzone 4 (IP4). The applicant is purposing to rezone the lands to Industrial Business Park Zone (IP), Industrial Business Park Zone with exceptions (IP [xxxx]) and Residential Fourth Density Zone (R4). The proposed IP Zone for the northern portion of the lands will permit a wider range of employment uses and performance standards. The proposed IP Zone with exceptions for the portions of the lands south of Cope Drive will permit retail store and retail food store as secondary uses and increase the maximum individual and cumulative gross floor area. The proposed R4 Zone for the portions of the lands north of Cope Drive and south of the Monahan Drain will permit a wide range of residential building forms ranging from detached to low-rise apartment dwellings.



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