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Committee of Adjustment considers two Stittsville applications on October 18

The City of Ottawa’s Committee of Adjustment will consider two applications for properties in Stittsville when it meets on October 18.

The first is at 6243 Abbott / 34 Manchester: “The Owner wants to demolish the existing detached dwelling and shed and to subdivide its property into two separate parcels of land to create two new residential lots for future development.”  This is a long piece of land that stretches all the way from Abbott to Manchester, with a house fronting Abbott. With this application, the owner wants to split the property in two and have two houses; one facing Abbott and one facing Manchester.

The second application is for the Stittsville Walk (formerly Reverie) development at 1491-1493 Stittsville Main Street, for the townhouse development that’s currently under construction: “The Owner wants to subdivide the property to create twenty-four individual freehold Parcels of Tied Land (POTLs’). Twenty-two of the proposed POTLs will contain townhouse dwellings, one is proposed to contain stacked dwellings which are to be registered as a Standard Condominium in the future, and one is proposed to contain a retail and residential mixed-use development. “

For more information about these applications, visit: http://ottwatch.ca/meetings/meeting/7223


NOTEBOOK: Revised site plan approved for Stittsville Walk

(FILE PHOTO: Unfinished “Stittsville Walk” condos, March 6, 2016.)

“I suppose the best one can say is that it is no worse than the original proposal.”

That’s the reaction I received today from a long-time Stittsville resident who’s been following the progress — or lack thereof — of the Stittsville Walk condo development at 1491 Stittsville Main Street.  The project has been stalled since late 2013, and only one of the six blocks was ever built.  It remains unoccupied. Continue reading


Slow sales push back construction of Stittsville Walk condos

Despite a change of ownership and a total rebranding, the condo development at 1491 Stittsville Main Street is still struggling to find buyers, pushing the expected completion date to mid-2017.

Taylor Bennett, sales representative for Bennett Property Shop Realty, has been in charge of the account since December and admits it’s difficult to sell homes in the current environment.

“It’s not the greatest time for real estate,” he explains. “So we haven’t done a huge amount of marketing yet.”

The site was rebranded as Stittsville Walk after a change in ownership in the summer of 2015.

However construction isn’t expected to begin until the end of 2016 and it could be later if there’s not enough interest.

“It really depends on how sales go,” says Bennett. “Once we have a little more than half sold out they can start building it, which will take six months.”

Construction for an original project called Reverie Quarters ceased in 2013, and the original design sparked community backlash that eventually led to the drafting of a new Community Design Plan (CDP) for Stittsville Main Street.

Bennett says a reason behind the current rebrand is to “make it more accepted.”

The original site plan called for four of the condo buildings, plus a fifth multi-story commercial building along Stittsville Main Street. Bennett confirmed that while there are no plans to eliminate any of the five buildings in the original plan, they will all be redesigned.

To this end, the company has introduced new 1,500-square foot bungalow units with indoor parking in addition to the two-storey terrace townhouses originally advertised.

The rebrand had to include the structure from the previous development, complicating the process for Bennett and his team.

“We didn’t have total freedom,” he explains. “Ideally we wanted to have a bunch of one-level living styles, but we were confined to the existing building.”

Nevertheless he says the new plan will be appropriate for Stittsville Main as envisioned in the new CDP.

“I think the bungalows will be well received,” says Bennett. “We think this fits the demographic looking to live in Stittsville a little better.”

Artist conception of what the new Stittsville Walk will look like.
Artist conception of what the new Stittsville Walk will look like.


NOTEBOOK: Stories we’re watching in 2016

I often jokingly refer to Stittsville as “one of Ottawa’s most exciting suburbs”, but there’s actually a lot of truth to that. (Just look at what happened here in 2015 alone.)

We live in one of the fastest-growing wards in the City of Ottawa, and the constant development is a constant source of conflict as well as new people and businesses arriving in our community.

Here are a few stories we’re watching in 2016… Continue reading