Damage to Conservative candidate’s signs

Several of Conservative candidate Pierre Poilievre's signs were damaged along Stittsville Main Street on Saturday night.

Several of Conservative candidate Pierre Poilievre’s signs were damaged along Stittsville Main Street on Saturday night.

It is an offence to remove or damage official election signs. People found damaging or removing signs can face charges under the Criminal Code.

According the Canada Elections Act, “No person shall prevent or impair the transmission to the public of an election advertising message without the consent of a person with authority to authorize its transmission.”





2 thoughts on “Damage to Conservative candidate’s signs”

  1. Whatever your stripes, damaging signs is an ignorant and, as relevant, fruitless thing to do. For the hard core supporters of the offended, it’s a call to arms. For the undecided, it tends to build sympathy for the offended.

  2. Destroying signs accomplishes absolutely nothing. I think we should totally get rid of signs altogether though. What’s the point of those signs anyway? Advertising how well established a candidate or a party is? People see right through that.
    I find those signs a bit of an insult to our intelligence, really. Just dump them. All this partisan crap in public is ridiculous.

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