Circle of Support – Yogafusion classes in November

Date(s) - Thursday, November 21
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

As the days get shorter and temperatures drop so too can our moods and our vitality.  This four week yogafusion workshop series is geared to fire up digestion, immunity and will power, and to create some loving social connections and a renewed sense of community to cheer us on through the colder months.  Through yoga cardio, guided mediation and sound meditation we gently move ourselves into a relaxed, comfortable state, where both body and mind are free to release tension, emotional blocks and stress (the use of sound in meditation has been shown to prompt soothing brainwave activity, i.e. ‘alpha waves’, decrease blood pressure, increase self-confidence, reduce feelings of sadness and depression, increase compassion towards the self and others, ant the list goes on!). Many of us come in with curiosity and leave with a new awareness of our selves, our health and often a few new friendships. To register contact

Hazeldean Gardens

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