LETTER: Where are the historical street names?

Re:  Sugar Shack or Mitig? City offers new street name options

Not one of the names suggested by the City of Ottawa for the six streets in question has any historical significance for our community.  Were these names suggested by Stittsville residents?

Algonquins didn’t live in or around the Stittsville location so why introduce Aboriginal names?  Even Campground Way is a stretch because although it is adjacent to where the Holiness Methodist property was,  it sounds like an ordinary campground rather than  a camp that was part of a whole religious tradition.

Why are no historical names of early settlers or those who have contributed to the community among the names presented by the City? We’ve taken care to name a number of our streets after the farm families who owned the original property where the streets were located.

Names  such as “Mitig” are meaningless to most of us who live here.  I don’t think proper consultation was made with residents.  I also think the fact that a larger number of residents on the “Goulbourn Street” in the City of Ottawa should not have taken precedence over the fact that our township was called Goulbourn, and this is one of the important memories of who we were before amalgamation.  The street was not only named after Sir Henry Goulbourn but also represented the identity of the township that was created.  To simply do away with it because a street in the city has more people on it, is insulting to all the residents of the former Goulbourn Township.

Barbara Bottriell



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  1. Barbara Well Said !
    Thankyou for expressing everything so consisely, all the proposed street names are totally ridiculous and absolutely irrelevant to our community, We do not require, or want a city bureaucracy making these decisions!
    I lived on Goulbourn Street in 1960 when I was 4 years old, -still proud to live on Goulbourn Street in 2016..
    Bob Herres

  2. Same goes for communities. One has the horribly generic name “Fairwinds” – can you imagine? It’s a bad deal, folks!

  3. Totally agree Barbara. This is just political correctness and bureaucrats making ridiculous decisions…. So removed from the people especially those of us who have our roots in this community.
    I wonder if Shad will speak our behalf at City Hall ???

  4. Good morning, great article, We have already started a Stop to SugarShack and Matig on Elm Crescent. Unfortunately it looks like the names are changing. So far by starting letters to Rebecca Anderson, Rebecca” and our counciller Shad “Qadri, Shad” ; we have at least put a stop to this ridiculous date of June 30th that was in our our mailbox June 24th for making the decision.

    The following is from Shads letter.
    If you live on one of the affected streets please make sure to provide your input. Please note the deadline has been extended to July 11, 2016.

    If people can come up with some new names to submit, you can start by using the following link to check if they are in use and have a chance.

    Here is a link from Shads office for his ecolumn that Shad sent and you can sign up to be on it.

    Please do your due diligence and submit your names.
    After speaking with many neighbors please try to keep to some criteria of names being on the shorter side, (Not hyphenated), Easy to spell, something that gives our street a bit of class to help keep the value of our homes .

    Here is a link for the city which also has some criteria:

  5. As usual Barb another well written and totally relevant letter. The newly suggested names are just plain silly. (Just like Bobolink – where did that come from!). With Stittsville growing at the pace it is and new people living here, our historical and small town roots are slowly fading and the councillors and city staff just don’t seem to care nor do they put any effort or time in to research and include the roots of a community into the street or neighbourhood naming process. The city’s naming protocol is simply too rigid. As a person who was raised here and has family roots here back to the 1800’s, it is sad when these criteria are not taken into consideration when names are being established.

  6. I totally agree with Barb’s letter. My mother and I submitted a recommendation that if Elm Crescent were to be changed, it be named Silas Bradley Street to honour Stittsville’s first Reeve. I have to disclose that he was my grandfather. If the city is forcing the street name to change it would be nice if it would consider a bit of local history and the names of people who played a significant role in building Stittsville, rather than irrelevant and meaningless names like Sugar Shack or Mitig. I am glad that Walker Road has been renamed Henry Walker Street in honour of that family’s local history. Why not more consideration of the historical contribution of local families?
    Ellen Faulkner

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