Educational Services

Math and Science Tutoring for students grade 7-12 and some university.

Tutoring HS students

Gill Learning Centers – Specializing in getting students admission into the IB program with a proven success record.
We also provide tutoring in Advanced Math, English Grammar, English Essays, English Speaking for French Immersions students in IB grades 9-12 as well as all High School students.
Visit our website at or call us for a free consultation at (613) 295-1432.

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Power of Ten Educational Consulting Ltd. has been helping teachers, students and parents not only overcome their fears towards math but also results in a deep understanding of the important concepts taught in the provincial math curriculum. Power Of Ten is a meaningful, visual approach to learning and teaching math. Math concepts are taught with games, so math becomes fun. Power of Ten is also endorsed by Manitoba Learning Resource Centre and Alberta Learning.

You want your children to enjoy and excel at math. You want to help your children understand the concepts. However, your children have a negative outlook and attitude towards math. You feel frustrated and you don’t know how to best help them. It’s not just you. It’s everywhere. I understand and know how you feel, because at one point, I was there as well. I helped many people like you, for 10 years, who now have children who love and succeed at math. If you want your child to become one of our success stories, the simple steps are as follows:
– Buy a parent kit on our website
– Get an invitation to an exclusive webinar for parents who own a parent kit
– Attend the webinar
– Start playing the Power of Ten games and enjoy math with your children.
To learn more, please call me at 343-549-6284, or email me at

Club Square

Club Square is a quality-first venue dedicated to providing fun educational services that entertain, enrich, and enhance knowledge. We are a 14,000 Sq ft edutainment centre where patrons of all ages gather among friends and family to socialize, take a class, pick-up a new skill, grab a bite to eat, play or just hang out. Club Square offers a variety of practical hands-on creative STEM-based programs, combined with an assortment of wonderful amenities.

Affordable after school math and reading help for ages 3 1/2 to high school. Operating in Stittsville over 20 years and around the world in 47 countries. Call or e-mail to schedule and appointment to learn more for a free placement test for your child .