Businesses partner with Lions Club to hang Christmas lights at Village Square Park

Photo: Members of the Stittsville Lions and Stittsville Business Association. From left: Jim Walker, Fern’s Frozen Fruits; Zulo Greenriver, Jim Bell, Gord Maclsaac, Paul Riddell, Robert Gregory, Stittsville Lions; Darryl Metzger, Edward Jones Investments; Chantal Pelletier, Abby Findlay-Argue, Kyle Kirkpatrick and Laurana Wood, Bradley’s Insurance. (Photo via Darryl Metzger)

This year the Stittsville Business Association teamed up with the Stittsville Lions Club to hang Christmas lights at Village Square Park. With over 20 adult volunteers, and a few very helpful children, we covered about 20 trees and used over 300 strands of lights. The group had tons of fun and made the most out of what turned out to be a cold and wet Saturday. We are not quite ready to compete with Taffy Lane, but we have that in our sights for next year.

From left: Jacque Mageau, Bob Bent and Ryan McNeil of Stittsville Home Hardware. (Photo via Darryl Metzger)

If you and/or your business would like to participate next year please reach out to the Event Coordinator, Darryl Metzger at

The project was funded with contributions from:

  • Stittsville Business Association
  • Stittsville Lions Club
  • Bradley’s Insurance
  • Stittsville Home Hardware

A big thank you for all the contributions and hours of support from all the volunteers.

Darryl Metzger is a member of the Stittsville Lions Club and the Stittsville Business Association.


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  1. Collaboration and good team work always gets a job done! Great show of the aforementioned. The park is so pretty when it is alight – a central show for all of Stittsville and its visitors to enjoy.

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