Cardel Homes seeks naming rights for Goulbourn Rec Complex

Goulbourn Rec Centre, May 2015. Photo by Barry Gray.

(Goulbourn Rec Centre, May 2015. Photo by Barry Gray.)

The GRC could soon be known as the CRG if city councillors approve a $600,000 naming rights deal with Cardel Homes.

Next week, the City of Ottawa’s Community and Protective Services Committee will consider a proposal to change the name of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex to “Cardel Rec – Goulbourn”.  In return, Cardel would pay the City $40,000 for the next 15 years.

In 2011 Richcraft agreed to pay $500,000 for a 15-year naming rights agreement for the recreation complex in Kanata North. Naming rights for the Minto Recreation Complex in Barrhaven is costing Minto around $1.45-million over 15 years.

What happens with the sponsorship money?  For the most part, it goes back into the city’s bank account, rather than directly towards enhancements to the buildings that are sponsored.

“It is important to reiterate that new sponsorship and advertising revenues will not mean that new money will be available to be spent by departments where the sponsors were generated. The revenues will reduce net tax requirement and the departmental bottom line will be reduced. The real benefit is that a sponsor is paying for program costs rather than the taxpayer,” according to a City report from 2011.

Cardel pays for all the new signage, by the way.

“Cardel Rec – Goulbourn” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. According to a staff report about the name change, Councillor Shad Qadri supports the name change but requested to “retain the Goulbourn name as recognition of the historical background of the community and that the complex was first constructed by Goulbourn Township.”

Over in Barrhaven, their recreation facility is officially called as “Minto Recreation Complex – Barrhaven”, but the Barrhaven part gets dropped in everyday use.

(The names for the Matt Bradley Arena and Erica Wiebe Gymnasium won’t be affected by the name change.)

The proposal goes in front of the City of Ottawa’s Community and Protective Services Committee on March 30, and then City Council for final approval on April 12.


According to a City report on the proposal:

Cardel Homes has proposed to pay the City $600,000 (plus HST) over 15 years to acquire the naming rights to the Goulbourn Recreation Complex, located at 1500 Shea Road. The name proposed by the company is the “Cardel Rec – Goulbourn”. The offer will provide the City with $40,000 (plus HST) annually which will be applied against the Council approved target for sponsorship revenues.

An arena, pool, meeting rooms, outdoor fields and other components of the complex are not affected by the naming proposal and remain available for potential sponsorship and naming. Separate from the Sponsorship and Advertising policy, one of the arenas in the facility is commemoratively named the Matt Bradley Arena and gymnasium was named the Erica Wiebe Gymnasium, pursuant to the Commemorative Naming Policy.

The value of the proposal has been reviewed by City staff and the external company assisting the City with sponsorship initiatives. The proposal and terms are in line with the value of the marketing potential and exposure that Cardel will receive at the recreation facility.

Cardel Homes, celebrating its 20th year in Ottawa, is an Ottawa-based home building company that has constructed over 2,200 homes in the area and continues to be actively engaged in the Ottawa community and in supporting Ottawa initiatives. Much of their focus is in the west end of Ottawa, particularly in Stittsville, Kanata and surrounding communities.

As part of the naming rights agreement, the company will be responsible for changing the exterior and interior signage of the facility over the term of the agreement and will be recognized on city-wide and facility-related print and digital promotional material and be provided other visibility and branding opportunities. Cardel’s contribution through this agreement will qualify the company to be recognized in the “Builder” category of the City’s Community Champion Program.

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