Councillor wants your ideas for park improvements

Alexander Grove Park / Photo by Barry Gray

(File photo / Photo by Barry Gray)

From Shad Qadri’s weekly newsletter:

Earlier this summer City Council approved the 2015 to 2018 Term of Council Priorities, including Strategic Initiative 35 – Parks and Recreation Facility Upgrades. This initiative provides $2-million in each year of the term of Council for capital projects.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Leverage other sources of internal or external funding;
  • Do not attract significant additional operating or maintenance costs for the City;
  • Are park based and address a gap in services for a community or restore a park amenity no longer meeting local needs;
  • Address safety issues;

I would like to receive your feedback for outdoor park amenities and outdoor park improvements to be considered for existing parks and open space located in Stittsville. Your feedback can include recommendations for a new park amenity or an improvement to an existing amenity.

Please provide your responses by Thursday September 4th via email to

Please be specific as possible and include the following information:

  • New park amenity or Improvement to existing amenity:
  • Park Location:
  • Brief Rational: (why do you think this is important?, Is there a specific age group this targets?, Potential organizations to be involved?)

Please note that I will review all feedback, however I cannot guarantee which projects will receive funding or the amount of funding available for Stittsville projects.

Responses by email are preferred, however if you know someone who does not have access to email please call my office at 613-580-2476.


2 thoughts on “Councillor wants your ideas for park improvements”

  1. Would like to see improvements to Westridge park A or B (which has been just an empty unused plot for about 20 years .. a splash pad or at least some kind of shade structure ( like the covered picnic area by the carp fairgrounds) would be great.. currently it is hot and exposed … with only one bench and one picnic table and virtually no shade.

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