EMERGE public art project. Looking for artists in Stittsville

Date(s) - Wednesday, September 30 - Saturday, October 31
12:00 am

EMERGE August 2020 Lynda Cronin + community members (names to be added)

EMERGE is a community based public artwork installed on the door of the old firehall on Stittsville Main Street. The project has been sponsored by Microcosm which is a City of Ottawa Public Art pilot project, aimed at supporting local professional visual artists through engaging communities during these significant times.

The 1870 great fire in Stittsville, scorched the landscape; forests, farmlands and wildlife suffered devastating consequences. Lives were lost and the challenge to rebuild was great.

EMERGE a project, conceived by artist Lynda Cronin, who lives in Stittsville, involves diverse community members in the creation of a unique community public art piece, to be installed on one of the old firehall doors on Main Street. This building was the first volunteer firehall in Stittsville and now houses the local Food Bank. Its purpose and present function, articulates the essence of EMERGE as we rise forward out of disaster and pandemic.

Covid has transformed our lives in many ways and we are on a universal struggle to define the measurable pattern of the virus, so that a vaccine can be achieved. The grid pattern on the large door in a sense symbolically mirrors this essence of discovery. Youth, adults and seniors will create dynamic prints that reference renewal and growth, inspired by the trees and vegetation that have been regenerated by historic events.


Community members are asked to work on a graphic style drawing in black and white, with limited colour, to fit within a 43x43cm format. The drawing can use most of the space but should not be too small, as it will not be visible from far away. The concept described provides a starting point and the images are based on your interpretation but should generally stay within these guidelines. Any medium can be used, ink, print, mixed media, computer graphics, markers, once the image maintains a graphic quality, with clear lines that can easily translate to print.

When the drawing/image is complete, we will meet over Zoom or at Quitters to review the work. I can take a photograph at that time or an image can be provided, the file should be a JPG around 3-5Mb. This will then be printed on to paper for posting on to the firehall door. The door colour will be painted with exterior house paint and the red vinyl text will be adhered to the row of small windows. I am available at any time if you need to discuss your work or chat about ideas.

Profile and timeline

The City of Ottawa will profile all the art projects throughout the various wards, on their website and on other social media platforms. The deadline to have the drawings completed would be the end of August at the latest, with the first week in September for launching.

Looking forward to working with everyone!
I can be reached at: lynda.cronin@sympatico.ca lyndacronin.ca

Old Firehall Stittsville