Gluten-free cookie maker bakes up expansion plan

Joanna Zappia / Youtube screen capture
Joanna Zappia
Joanna Zappia

Joanna Zappia, the owner of Stittsville-based bakery Dolci, has big plans to expand her gluten-free cookie business.

She’s launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to help fund the expansion.

From the campaign page:

“There is no better feeling than making someone smile. Sharing my products with others has allowed me to put smiles on many faces, including my own,” she says on the campaign page.

…After becoming gluten free to ease my symptoms of ulcerative colitis I was looking to satisfy my sweet tooth. I started to develop new recipes that I could enjoy while keeping with my gluten free diet and fell back in love with baking. 

I followed my dream of starting a business, Dolci: gourmet gluten free cookies. The mission was to produce safe products for celiacs and delicious products for all. This has been achieved by working from a dedicated gluten free facility and creating fresh, soft, handmade cookies with no preservatives.

After years of hard work, running every aspect of the business myself, it is now time to expand. I want to keep my dream alive and share my gluten free products with a wider audience. 

The bakery (not open to the public) is located in an industrial park off Carp Road in Stittsville. The cookies are sold at various health food stores across Ottawa, including the Natural Food Pantry in Kanata.  And damn do they look good.

Chocolate walnut cookies. Photos via Joanna Zappia/Dolci.
Chocolate walnut cookies. Photos via Joanna Zappia/Dolci.



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