LETTER: Bring light rail to Stittsville

Re: Ottawa infrastructure lags behind, says Stittsville transit commissioner

I hope now that Stittsville is fortunate enough to have one of our own on the city transit commission that this gent will demand the extension of light rail to the Stittsville /Kanata community, instead of having it end at Bayshore or Moodie Drive. How is it that Orleans gets light rail in the first round of rail expansion but the best we get is bussing to Bayshore?  This area  has been screwed!

This issue doesn’t seem to much concern area councillors Wilkinson, Hubley and Qadri, but I think we deserve much better!

Mike Bryan, Stittsville


3 thoughts on “LETTER: Bring light rail to Stittsville”

  1. The big box stores on Hazeldean are bad enough – nothing ruins a community like forcing people to drive everywhere.

  2. We had rail to Stittsville at one time, where was everyone when the rails were being pulled up!

    I never wanted them to be pulled up, I would have taken the train to Ottawa and Carleton Place. Must have had my head in the sand like everyone else when that piece of cultural heritage disappeared. One day I drove through town and the tracks were gone.

  3. Let’s face it – light rail isn’t coming to Stittsville any time soon no matter how much jumping up and down everyone does. The city and the province keep building bigger and faster roads to make commutes better, the cost of transit keeps rising, suburbs keep growing (just look at Stittsville), but the cost of using an automobile hasn’t increased enough to dissuade residents from driving.

    Is it difficult to commute by car in Ottawa? No. Can you make it to work faster by car than by bus in most of this city? Yes. Can you deke into a drive-thru almost anywhere in this city to get a coffee and go on your way? Yes. Is it convenient to use a car everyday and live way out in the suburbs like Stittsville, Carleton Place, Ottawa South, Barrhaven and Orleans? Yes. It’s our own fault: we’ve made it convenient to drive and now no one wants it different – with or without light-rail.

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