Local artist Dale Dunning donates sculpture to Birdhouse Bonanza auction

The Birdhouse Bonanza auction is the perfect opportunity to create or purchase a handmade masterpiece while making a difference in the community.

Glenda Jones and Barbara Carroll will be hosting this year’s auction in memory of the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust’s valued member and volunteer Michael Macpherson.

In addition to featuring unique and handmade Birdhouses, the Birdhouse Bonanza auction will also be auctioning a stunning sculpture made by internationally acclaimed local artist Dale Dunning, a close friend of Michael.

“Both men shared a love of nature and spent time in the spring waiting for the return of bluebirds. Finding a perfectly preserved little bird in the bottom of a nesting box provided the inspiration for Dale’s piece called “Out on a Limb,” a bare branch supporting a delicate nest lined with feathers and the perfectly formed wee bird,” wrote Glenda Jones.

(A close-up view of Dale Dunnings, Out on a Limb, sculpture.)

The Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust is thrilled to present “Out on a Limb,” a symbol of the preservation and protection of nature at their upcoming auction.

Glenda Jones wrote, “‘Out on a Limb’ is more than a sculpture; it is a memorial to a friendship that endured over 50 years.”

Those who are interested in purchasing “Out on a Limb” or a Birdhouse will have the opportunity to do so in the online auction between April 18th to April 29th, 2022, here.

All proceeds from the auction will go towards funding the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust site at High Lonesome.



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