Ottawa Safety Council in need of Crossing Guards

Do you have spare time in the morning and afternoons and love spending time outdoors?

Is a flexible work schedule and a vibrant social life something you’re looking for?

Well, becoming a Crossing Guard might just be the perfect opportunity for you!

The Ottawa Safety Council (OSC) is a local non-profit organization currently seeking reliable and dedicated individuals interested in helping to keep our community safe.

The OSC has been providing municipal Crossing Guard services for the City of Ottawa for the last 20 years and employs hundreds of Crossing Guards through their Adult Crossing Guard program, which covers 260 school zone intersections across Ottawa.

However, they are currently experiencing a sudden shortage of workers.

With so many families relying on these services to help their children get to and from school safely, Crossing Guards are an extremely vital role in our community.

Back to school season is hectic enough as is, so it’s important that there are enough Crossing Guards available to keep our children and the rest of the community safe and accounted for before the school year resumes this fall.

If you’re looking for something to keep you active while giving back to the community and supplementing your income, consider applying to become a Crossing Guard with the OSC.

Shifts will take place during morning and afternoon school bell times. Each shift pays $17 and typically lasts 40-60 minutes, perfect for those who would like to earn some extra spending money but with little time to spare.

The OSC is also seeking candidates for a Crossing Guard Team Lead, who will be expected to cover addition duties while working three hours per day divided between the morning and afternoon, for an hourly wage of $23.

For more information and to apply to become a Crossing Guard with The Ottawa Safety Council, please visit their website here.


1 thought on “Ottawa Safety Council in need of Crossing Guards”

  1. Pretty funny.
    Work for one hour, at barely over minimum wage. In all types of bad weather. Provide your own phone with location enabled, because they don’t trust you to report your hours honestly. Get no consideration for the time taken to go to and from a measly one hour work session.
    Many jurisdictions have minimum work blocks, so that if you are only working one hour, you get paid for 2 or 3 in recognition of the hassle involved in presenting yourself for work.
    But the Ottawa Safety Council is exempt, it seems.
    Yeah, pocket money. Not much more than a teen’s allowance.
    Oh, and pay for your own background check, over $100 with fingerprints, and they will reimburse you after 3 months employment, or 4 or 5 months after you’ve forked out the money as it has to be back before you start.
    Nice bit of propaganda for the Safety Council, but like a lot of employers whining about a lack of employees, maybe they should try paying their employees even somewhat fairly.

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