Southbound lane reductions on Eagleson overpass

The Eagleson sidewalk is closed to pedestrians for the rest of the winter because sidewalks are too narrow for city snowplows.

(Photo: The Eagleson sidewalk was closed to pedestrians last winter because the sidewalks were built too narrow for city snowplows.)

(story via Kanata North Councillor Marianne Wilkinson)

As of November 2nd  until mid December southbound traffic over the March/Eagleson Bridge over Highway 417 will be limited to oe lane.  Expect Delays.

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has informed me that work will commence early in November to modify the sidewalk on the West side of the Eagleson/March Rd overpass. I pushed very hard to have the Province include a sidewalk (which was shown in the original plans) and continued lobbying (along with City Staff) to have the sidewalk modified to correct the issues that resulted in the sidewalk being closed to pedestrians last winter.

When the bridge was restored by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) , it was to include a sidewalk along the West side.  What was actually built was too narrow for sidewalk plows and the steep curb at each end is not accessible by wheelchairs, strollers or  sidewalk plows.  That resulted in it being closed to pedestrians last winter, a significant inconvenience and safety issue to the public.

Last month city staff constructed sidewalks leading to the bridge from both directions.  MTO agreed to modify the structure on the bridge to create a pedestrian system from one side of Highway 417 to the other.  Here is the Latest update (as of October 26 2015):

  • Construction work is expected to begin on or about November 2nd.  Due to the scope of the structural work involved (drilling into existing sidewalk and placement of additional reinforced steel) it is anticipated that the contract will be completed in mid-December.
  • Work will include
    • widening of the previously constructed concrete sidewalk on the west side of the bridge
    • elimination of the concrete drainage outlets on the approaches to provide a flat surface
    • widening of the raised surface (sidewalk) on the approaches to the bridge (including adjustment of steel beam guide rail as required)
  • During construction, only one lane will be open travelling southbound across the bridge in order to provide for worker safety.  Short term ramp closures (for the palcement of temporary concrete barrier to protect the work zone) may take place only between the times of 9pm and 6am.
  • Portable Variable Message Signs will be provided on Eagleson Road (northbound and southbound), Highway 417 (eastbound and westbound), and Campeau Drive (eastbound) in advance of the beginning of construction in order to mitigate impacts.  Signs will notify drivers of any ramp closures seven days in advance.
  • Pedestrians will be directed to the east side of the bridge.

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