Third “All That Glam” jewelry sale raises money for Nunavut

A photo from last year's All That Glam event
A photo from last year’s All That Glam event.

As a student in grade 12, I began a charity event called ALL THAT GLAM, a sale of gently-used jewelry and handbags to raise money for school breakfast programs in Nunavut. From those two sales, and with corporate fund matching, the All That Glam Committee has donated over $40,000 to much-needed breakfast programs in Nunavut.

We are now in the midst of planning the 3rd annual fundraiser which will take place at the Richcraft Community Center in Kanata on November 28  from 8:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. There will be thousands of pieces of gently-used jewelry and brand-name handbags. Our silent auction features some beautiful brand-name bags or unique pieces of jewelry.

My journey to help the kids in Nunavut began with the realization of exorbitant food prices in our Far North. To see a photo of a jar of peanut butter in a Nunavut supermarket costing $18.99 is almost unbelievable! Even with federal shipping subsidies, a head of cabbage can cost over $20 and a 3-L container of orange juice is typically $9.

In the winter months especially, fresh fruit and vegetables are prohibitively expensive and usually of poor quality. All this means that many Nunavut children start off their school day with poor nutrition. In Canada, a country that is hailed as having one of the highest standards of living, no child should be going to school hungry or malnourished.

People are asking me how they can help. Please donate jewelry & handbags. We all have more items than we need, so consider donating them to the sale. Until November 15, donations can be dropped off at any of the seven DYMON Storage locations, and at select TD Branches.

In Stittsville, both TD’s are accepting donations. If you work in Kanata, the branches on Klondike Road and the Hazeldean Road are also drop-off sites. Please Donate Funds. You can do this by visiting our website at 100% of any funds raised will be forwarded to Nunavut school programs through the Breakfast Club of Canada.

Come to the sale or tell your friends about All That Glam. The sale is a great opportunity to purchase socially-responsible Christmas gifts as well as pick up some bling for the office Christmas party. Grab your girlfriends and make it a pre-season shopping extravaganza!

Please visit our website @ Contact us by e-mail @ or follow us on FaceBook @ ALL THAT GLAM Fundraiser.



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