A new name: Fairwinds-Poole Creek Community Association

Thanks to all of our neighbours who joined us at our Annual General Meeting on Monday night. It was an opportunity to look back at all of our activities over the past year, we welcomed new board members into our group, and we had a Q&A session with Councillor Shad Qadri.

We also approved a motion to update our name! We are now the Fairwinds-Poole Creek Community Association! Although our boundaries were changed last year to include new homes on streets like Cento, Mazon, Vivera, Shackleford, and Warmstone, we heard from some residents that they were unsure if they could participate in our association’s events and projects. We thought it made sense to include Poole Creek as part of our association, not only because of the subdivision name, but also because the creek is the predominant natural feature in our neighbourhood that we all enjoy.

We’ll be updating our web site and social media feeds to reflect the change in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Here’s a map showing our current boundaries. For more information please visit fairwindscommunity.com or email info@fairwindscommunity.com

Boundaries of the Fairwinds-Poole Creek Community Association


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  1. I would like to forward a couple of correspondence that I have with the city on parks and greens space. I would like to know if the Association is in favor of the direction within our community or if our community might consider alternatives. I have been told by city that there is no chance for change or reconderisaton.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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