Barns and farm structures – a personal passion for Barry Gray

Well-known Stittsville photographer Barry Gray has turned his passion for farm structures into some beautiful photos of our past.

An owner of a barn at one time, Barry purchased his barn in the Eastern Townships of Québec. He renovated and converted the barn into a comfortable abode and made it his home for eight years. This would explain his attraction to and love for these farmland fixtures.

Prior to his retirement, Barry was a photojournalist with many Canadian newspapers travelling extensively to capture their stories with his camera. He continues to share his talents and time as a volunteer mentor to young photography students.

Over time, Barry has shared his beloved photographs with many of us through social media and personally. We, here at Stittsville Central, are so fortunate to have Barry as part of our team supplying many of the photos to tell our stories. We felt it was time to share his photographs of the local farm buildings that Barry has come across in his Stittsville area road trips. We trust you will enjoy this local collection from Barry.


Imagine the stories these farm buildings could tell. The labour involved in constructing the buildings, the hours of work the local farmer spent in his barn? What animals were housed in the many buildings? What was stored in the outbuildings? On most farmsteads, the barns were usually built to the north on the land to form wind protection for the house. Ideally, a creek would run through the property so water was accessible for the barn and home.

The next time you are travelling along a country road or down a rutted lane, take the time to stop and snap that photo of the old tumble down building. It will be worth a thousand words in memories.

Feel free to share your photos with Stittsville Central as we would love to share them with the community.


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