CBC documentary “The Greenvaders” to feature Carp landfill opponent

UPDATE: The documentary is available online.  Nixon’s interview starts around a third of the way in.

CBC television will air a documentary on Saturday, September 5 that features a local community activist who’s been involved in opposing the Carp Road landfill expansion.

The documentary is called The Greenvaders. “They disturb, they act and they invade. Starting in their own backyard, our green heroes take on today’s challenges for tomorrow’s generation. This one-hour documentary follows community leaders as they address some pressing environmental challenges.”

It features interviews with Olivia Nixon from the Don’t Let Ottawa Go to Waste group that’s been fighting Waste Management’s proposed Carp Road landfill expansion, and Lucie Régimbald from Dumpthisdump2 (DTD2), the group that’s fighting a proposed landfill in the east end.

The Greenvaders airs on Saturday at 7pm on CBC television.


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