Comments of the week: Vandalism, lost farm at Tanger, Syrian refugees

Comments of the Week

Every week we get lots of comments from our readers on our web site, via email, and social media.  Here’s a sample of what we heard this week.  Add your thoughts to the comments at the bottom of this article or email

Re: Group puts plan in place to sponsor Syrian refugees

Earl Richards: “These refugees are not our problem. They should be sent to oil rich, Arab nations. Our government budgets cannot afford to support these people. The Sovereign Wealth Fund of Saudi Arabia is worth $US762 billion.”

Joe: “…Given that Europe seems to be saddled with all of this, I do not think it is right to not participate and not be the upstanding citizen of the world that I think we ought to be. Perhaps, one day, we’ll need help. And if one thinks that we’re invulnerable and can afford to take a position where we’ll never need anyone, then that person does not grasp the notion of the golden rule.”


Re: COMMENT: ‘Bored teenagers’ excuse is getting tired

Tanya Hein: “I disagree that teens are offered ‘nothing’ in Stittsville. Could there be more? Of course, but that doesn’t mean our teens are lacking opportunities or respect.

  • Schools host a variety of after class clubs and activities
  • There is an outdoor skateboard park, even if it is smaller than some
  • Stittsville has an abundance of beautiful parks and trails — go for a walk, jog with a friend, play basketball or tennis, photograph the beauty, go geocaching
  • Outdoor skating or hockey in the winter
  • Various neighbourhood and community events: dances, performances, sports and races, choirs, bands, movie nights. Participate, or better yet, get involved in organizing a new or existing event
  • Indoor pool, rink, gym, community space, classes
  • Coffee shops to enjoy a warm drink with friends
  • Volunteer opportunities for almost every interest.
  • Youth groups. I believe Youth ConneXion is starting a new program and resuming it’s lounge drop-ins”

Anon: “What proof do we have that it is teenagers doing this, other than a group of unruly boys who refuse to move off the road for cars?  Maybe we should be looking at how to address the issue rather than blaming it on a particular cohert”

Jimmy: “We need to offer activities that teenagers want to do, not activities we want teenagers to do.”

Julie Falardeau: “Hate to say it but it comes down to parents. Know where your kids are and set some rules. Boredom isn’t an excuse for vandalism or crime. Lived here over 20 years and it is definitely getting worse.”

Erika Boyer: “totally agree.. there are MANY places where kids enjoy FAR less privilege and resources than Stittsville.. “bored” does not fly AT ALL.”


Re: Crab apple tree leads archeologists to a lost farm near Tanger

Kelly Deering: “A friend forwarded this article to me, interestingly enough I had told her over the summer about my husband’s genealogy and how are families over 5 generations back were connected through to the Burroughs. Some of the Burroughs (and Scharf) family cemetery remains on Hazeldean Road across from Farm Boy. I hope they continue to preserve the land.”

Ulysse: “C’est bien connu lorsqu’on trouve un vieux pommier dans un endroit isolé c’est assurément qu’il y a eu une habitation tout près.Il faut aussi faire attention parce qu’il y a de fortes chances qu’il y ait des anciennes latrines aussi où une personne pourrait tomber et se blesser.”
(Roughly translated: “If you find an old apple tree in an isolated area, chances are there was a home nearby. You should also pay attention because it’s also quite likely there was an old outhouse nearby!”)


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