Community front porch concert series will energize Stittsville

Plan now to take a walk or a bike ride during the evening of Thursday, July 9th. Between 7:00 and 8:00 pm several musicians will be performing on their front porches, in their garages or on laneways for the enjoyment of Sitttsville residents. Sara Blakely of Stittsville, a musician herself, is the inspiration behind the idea to fill the air with music and the streets with life.

Sara is organizing this free event, but says, “that I’m totally winging it” and so far her idea has been extremely successful. The number of musicians who have come forward for this evening of music has proven to be a much needed inspiration in light of the past few months.

Sara put out her appeal for entertainers to participate to get a sense of just who or how many would be interested to perform for an event such as this. The response has been fantastic. If you wish to perform, send your message through the link

(The June 23 map showing the locations where you can enjoy the music of those who are participating in the Stittsville Front Porch Concert Series.)

Here are just some of the performers providing entertainment in Stittsville’s neighbourhoods (with more coming forward each day):

  • Kiara Côté performing in Westridge
  • Slightly Seattle performing in Blackstone
  • Arc of Fire performing in Upcountry
  • High Maintenance Band performing on Brae
  • The Theraband performing in Amberwood
  • The Deliverables performing in Wyldewood
  • U-Rock Music School performing in Fairwinds
  • Anj Chito Duo performing in Wyldewood

Sara also wants to fund raise for a great cause and has chosen the  Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre of Ottawa. Crossroads provides a variety of free individualized mental health services solely for children under the age of 12 and their families. Performers have the option to accept donations for Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre, with 100% being donated on behalf of the residents of Stittsville.

Sara would also like to see some local business sponsors. She realizes that in light of the current situation this may be difficult for some, but she emphasizes that, “businesses can just pay what they can and the business will be listed as a supporter for the event.” What better way to get exceptional exposure for local businesses here in Stittsville and know you have also helped children with mental health needs.

Follow Sara’s event on the Stittsville Front Porch Concert Series Facebook page here. Email Sara at if you wish further information.

With so much interest, Sara’s inspiration promises an evening full of local music being heard from many Stittsville porches.


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