Eight closet spring cleaning tips

A well-organized closet.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jason Allen is a Stittsville-based expert on getting organized. He runs Tailored Living, a business that specializes in organization solutions. With warmer weather finally on the horizon and people starting their annual spring cleaning rituals, I asked him to share some tips with our readers.

1. Separate out heavier winter clothes, outerwear and boots. These items can be easily stored in baskets or bins to free up room inside the closet. Bulky sweaters take up too much hanging space and are better stored folded either on a shelf or sliding basket.

2. Move lighter hanging garments to the front of the closet where they are more easily reachable. These are the items you will be wearing on a regular basis for the upcoming season so make sure they are accessible.

3. Integrated shoe racks are ideal for keeping shoes from piling up on the floor. Creating a designated area allows the shoes to remain organized and frees up floor space.

4. Consider casual items like shorts and t-shirts to be kept in a drawer or pull out basket. There are many ways to fold or roll up these items so you can maximize how much you can store in an area neatly.

5. Evaluate clothing that you have not worn for a few years. The odds are if you are keeping something for future consideration you probably will never wear it. These items are perfect for donation or consignment.

6. Store items in need of repair in a separate location other than your closet. You are more like to get the repairs done in a timely manner.

7. Evaluate orphaned items like missing socks or gloves. If enough time has passed its best to move on and discard the items in question.

8. Most importantly make full use of your closet. If you are struggling to stay organized make sure you are using all the available space you can. If you were dealt with only a single pole and shelf consider what a custom designed closet can offer you. Accessories for ties, belts, jewellery, and laundry are all available and help create organized spaces.

How do you get organized? Share your tips in the comments below or email feedback@stittsvillecentral.ca.



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