Ghostly Tales of Goulbourn – a Halloween lecture from Goulbourn Museum

Former Stittsville resident, S. Bernard Shaw, brought to life the true tales of 17 ghost stories that took place in Goulbourn Township over the past 100 years. His book entitled, “Ghosts of Goulbourn” was published in 2004. With Halloween around the corner, the Goulbourn Museum will be recounting the ghastly incidents during an October 29th virtual event.

When Bernie, as he was known, was pursuing the ghostly events, he heard many stories from locals who described the happenings at several locations across Goulbourn. Some of these are found in his book, but others remain unwritten.

The book cover of S. Bernard Shaw’s penned tales in ‘Ghosts of Goulbourn’.

Here are a few that inspired him to write: the ghost at the former Louisiannies (The Alexander Hotel and former Bradley General Store on Main Street); the Delahunt home on the Carp Road; Leslie Hole’s lucky escape at the Robert H. Grant farm on Hazeldean Road; the stories of Lola Sample (née Brown) and her mischievous brother Arthur in 1916; parties at the Bleeks’ home; the strange smells at the Davies farm on Dwyer Hill; the little girl on Stittsville Main Street; Barbara Fairbrothers’ story of the Indian shot by settlers; the strange death at the Ashton Pub; the Dale’s experience at what once was the Samuel Mann store on Stittsville Main Street; the Martin family’s experience in Samuel Winchester’s old house on Wild Pine Court in Stittsville; and of course, Saunders Farm in Munster.

There were others he investigated as well – a tragic incident involving a woman at a farm house on the 12th line, south of Stittsville, and possible ghost stories at both of the Hartin Houses on Hazeldean and Maple Grove Roads.

Goulbourn Museum staff are sharing Bernie’s haunting stories virtually on October 29, 2020 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. To register for the event, please click here. Registration is open until noon on October 29. If you would like more information, please contact the Museum at

You can purchase Bernie’s book through the Goulbourn Township Historical Society for $10.00, plus shipping and handling, through their website at



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