Good turnout for open house on Stittsville Main development

A well-attended open house took place on March 6th, that Councillor Glen Gower, Ward 6 Stittsville, organized for a proposed new development on Main Street. The open house was held to allow the community to learn more, ask questions and share their comments about the proposed development of a mixed use 4 storey building and 7 townhouses to be constructed at the corner of Stittsville Main and Orville Streets.

Councillor Gower introduced the members of the development team and expressed his thanks to everyone for taking the time to attend. He said his goal was to explain the project in its entirety while also responding to the attendees’ questions. Those from Huntington Properties were: Mr. Alan Whitten, President and Founder; Lisa Westphal, Project Manager; and Craig Whitten, Partner. Other team participants were Brian Casagrande of Fotenn Planning and Design; Ryan Koolwine, Architect of Project 1 Studio, Stream Shen, Development Review Planner with the City of Ottawa; and Mark Young, Planner with the City of Ottawa and the original creator of Stittsville’s Community Development Plan design in 2015.

The architect, Ryan Koolwine, spoke about the consideration given to the cedar wood, stone and brick treatments to be used on the façade of the building in an attempt to reflect the heritage of the area. It will also be made to appear as 3 separate segments from the street view to compensate for the large scale of the building. The building will be set back from Main Street beyond what is required by the City’s zoning requirements in order to give more space for people to interact with the stores at the street level.

City of Ottawa Planner, Mark Young, noted that while the building may seem out of place at this time, it is indicative of what’s to come and will appear in time to be less out of place. He also stated that there will be impediments to traffic flow, but that is what a traditional Main Street experiences in most communities.

Several residents of the existing condominiums on Midnight Private expressed their concerns about existing water services for their residences. A variety of general questions were also asked including parking on Main Street, character of the structure, offloading for the retail stores, LEED certification and traffic volume. These were addressed or are being given further consideration.

The evening was informative and well presented. Those in attendance appreciated the fact that Councillor Gower had arranged this opportunity for the community to hear more about this proposed new development.

Should you have any questions or comments, the City of Ottawa Planner for this project, Stream Shen, would like to hear from you by March 14 at You can also contact him at 613-580-2424, Ext. 24488.



3 thoughts on “Good turnout for open house on Stittsville Main development”

  1. I know some people will say no we don’t need it for those here is some reality

    1)The Housing market in Ottawa is beyond hot very little supply and massive demand.

    2)The rental vacancy rate in the west end is at 1% which is lower then Toronto and Vancouver.

    3)Rental prices in Ottawa are some of the highest in the country a small 1 bedroom avg $1600

  2. Thankyou for covering this event.
    The information was well presented and although some may have reservations, it presents as a well planned development and needed in Stittsville.

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