Goulbourn Museum to launch Summer Seekers July 12th

The popular Summer Seekers program launches on Monday, July 12 virtually. This year, the Goulbourn Museum is offering activities designed to get everyone away from your screens, while connecting with others. The first new module is Wet n’ Wild! Get outside, splash around, and learn about the importance of freshwater rivers.

What is Summer Seekers?
Summer Seekers is an at-home weekly program for kids aged 4-11 where they are encouraged to explore how people lived and played in Goulbourn 150 years ago. Every other Monday, join the Museum for a new set of activities – from games to food to crafts! You’ll have the chance to earn prizes while you learn some cool new skills! You can find the modules here: https://goulbournmuseum.ca/summer-seekers-2021/.

What are Badges and how do they work?
The Museum’s Summer Seekers digital badges will help you track your accomplishments as you go and give you the chance to earn prizes!

Each week, you can earn badges by completing certain activities or challenges! When you complete a challenge, simply fill out this form to request your badge. The Museum staff will deliver all badges for the week by email every Friday. You can download badges directly to your computer or, if you create an account on Badgr, store them in a personal “digital backpack.” The final day to submit for badges is Monday, September 6.

For every five badges you earn, you will receive a prize in the mail! Museum staff will contact you when you become eligible for this offer, available to any residents of Canada.

*Keep an eye out for take-home kits available throughout the summer.* 

Share your photos!
Did you take any pictures while completing a Summer Seekers activity? The Museum would love to see them! Please email your photos to info@goulbournmuseum.ca.

Goulbourn Museum’s 2020 modules are still up and running, and you can still earn badges from them! If you haven’t completed any yet, give them a try, or revisit your favourite activities from last year. 

The Museum staff can’t wait to have some fun with you!


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