LETTER: Hold planning staff accountable for “epic fail”

Re: Qadri and planners get rough ride over Johnwoods “proposal”

As a former political staffer to Bob Chiarelli from 1987 – 1990 and again in 1999, I have seen some great work down by bureaucrats at the provincial level and at the former Region of Ottawa-Carleton (ROC). I went out of my way to thank staff when they were of assistance to the MPP and then Regional Chair as well as helping me in my role.

However, that does not excuse incompetence on the part of staff who fail in their fiduciary duty to the residents of Ottawa. Complete failure on the communication side of the equation on this file. Epic fail as the kids would say.

Could there not have been efforts made to inform citizens from the area of the proposal well before this meeting date and well before what appears to be a done deal? And those of us from the area are not interested in hearing about notices or proposals that were run in the local paper in 2013.

I would be shocked and stunned if professional planning staff would have such a myopic view of this file as to not seek out a councillor on the Planning Committee or another councillor whose ward is somewhat close by Councillor Qadri’s ward, and engaged in dialogue related to how it would ensure residents of the area would be informed and able to make comments to staff and councillors.

The fact that planning staff didn’t plan is unconscionable. It is a failure of their duties to the residents of this community and they should be ashamed of the unprofessional way in which they have handled this file.

Planning staff need to be reminded of who is driving the bus here. They need to understand that when they fail to communicate with voters that they need to be held accountable. Planning staff are well compensated for the advice and judgement they provide to councillors. On this file, they blew it.


Shawn Williams
Stittsville Main Street


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