New community association being formed for Cypress Gardens and area

Monday, February 23, 2015, 7 to 9 p.m.
Stittsville United Church
Cypress Gardens & Fernbank Wetlands

This meeting will initiate the formation of a Community Association for residents of Stittsville west of Main Street and south of Abbott, including the neighbourhoods of Cypress Gardens, Fernbank Road, Etta Street, Westridge Drive, and other Stittsvillians concerned about the proposed development of the wetland area called Cypress Gardens 3, posted as 6279 Fernbank, to build some 150 housing units. All residents of the area are invited to attend. This meeting will also provide an update of where the application and OMB case stand. 

A Committee of immediate neighbours of the target site is seeking to form a Community Association, initially to help support the Community’s presence at the hearing and keep local residents better informed. It is expected that the Association will become a cohesive agent going into the future, providing a voice in our dealings with the City. Councillor Shad Qadri and the Stittsville Village Association support this effort, as Community Associations can add the strength of numbers to a councillor’s arguments on our behalf at City Hall.

Application to rezone and develop Update
Extensive discussions between the City of Ottawa, the Applicant, the Committee, and the Ontario Municipal Board, have resulted in an issues list to be discussed at OMB hearing PL131306, April 20 to May 1, 2015, at Ottawa City Hall. Among the issues are high ground water levels, stormwater management, feasibility of development in this constrained area, design of the proposal, and adverse effects to neighbouring properties and streets, including road safety. Keldine FitzGerald, a longtime resident of Elm Crescent whose property borders the target land, is a designated Party for the OMB hearing, to represent the entire community.

To get in touch with the Committee, please contact .

For case related information on the OMB proceedings visit .

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2 thoughts on “New community association being formed for Cypress Gardens and area”

  1. It’s a travesty in the Chenier Wetland between Elm and Fernbank. Even the tall cedars behind our property went today. It was quite unnecessary. They lined the edge, stood between our property and the pad built last year, in what we were told would be a ditch between us and the former wetland. Why couldn’t they have stayed? What harm were they doing? What will block the sight of such destruction from our back windows now?
    As I was writing a piece about it, just now, a large rabbit came by and stopped by my window at the front of the house. He shouldn’t be around at this time of year. Nor should his doe, who hopped by a couple of minutes later. I hope their home has not been destroyed, that they were “only” awakened, because there’s no way they could dig a new home with the earth so frozen.

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