Pretty Pots Flower Shop – home of the safest flowers in Stittsville

Perpetua Quigley is a local artist and writer of Haiku messages accompanying each piece of her artwork. She is capturing Stittsville and the local area through her watercolour sketches. Perpetua shares her artwork and Haiku with the community to preserve what our history holds.

storm clouds circling
village bank and old frame homes
Pretty Pot’s neighbours

Pretty Pots Florist was at one time the Union Bank of Canada then becoming a Royal Bank branch. This frame building was renovated and became the home of the Union Bank in 1918. In 1926, the Union Bank became the Royal Bank. The Royal Bank remained at this location into the 1960s, then relocated to another location farther south on Stittsville Main Street. The former bank vault is now used by the Pretty Pots Flower Shop as its flower storage area. The photo below shows the original building when it was the Union Bank of Canada. The photo was taken circa 1918-20. Notice that Stittsville’s Main Street was comprised of dirt and the sidewalk is made up of wooden planks.

(The Union Bank of Canada Building, circa 1918-1920, Stittsville Main Street, and now the home of Pretty Pots Flower Shop.)



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