Snowmobiles not permitted on Trans Canada Trail, says Qadri

Shad Qadri shared this note in his weekly newsletter:

Recently, residents have expressed concerns regarding the use of motorized vehicles on the Trans Canada Trail. Please note that motorized vehicles including snow mobiles are not allowed on the Trail from Terry Fox Drive to West Ridge Drive.

Please be aware that in this section of the trail it is illegal to drive any motorized vehicle including snowmobiles, pocket motorcycles and ATV’s on the Trail. Many residents use this beautiful trail as a walking path so not only does using a motorized vehicle here pose an extreme safety issue with the vehicles themselves, it also poses danger to civilians and can cause damage to the walking path. Snowmobiles are allowed to use the Trans Canada Trail west of West Ridge Drive.

If you witness anyone driving a motorized vehicle on the Trans Canada Trail, please do not hesitate to contact Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222 ext. 7300 immediately. If you can note any details such as make/colour/license plate of the machine this will help Police. Also, please ensure you inform my office about any incident of concern.


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