Stittsville artist battled cancer with Mom: selling art to change the future of the disease

(Pat Cher creates one of the alcohol ink tiles she is selling to support the Canadian Cancer Society. Photo: submitted)

Her mother fought breast cancer, a talented alcohol ink artist, author, retired teacher and a Stittsville resident. Pat Cher has accomplished much in her life, especially her battle with her mother’s cancer, but her mission is not over – Pat has initiated her first fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Pat usually displays and sells her art at shows and local markets which she is missing very much. With the existing restrictive situations in place, she has decided to go virtual with all of the proceeds from her art sales being donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. A cause close to her heart.

Pat says that cancer is the reason for this fundraising effort. “My mother was a breast cancer survivor. In the past year, two good friends and one family member have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have other dear friends struggling with other forms of cancer. Everyone is touched by this disease. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all this suffering go away. Since I don’t have a magic wand, I want to use my art to try and make a difference.”

Alcohol Ink art is not about perfection, but about the vibrancy of the colors, and the flow of the inks which surprise and enchant. “A lot of my pieces have touches of gold and other metallics which add to the magic of the finished painting. Photographing the pieces never quite captures the charm of each painting,” says Pat.

Not only is Pat an artist, but a well-known author. She has written several books, namely: Mi’kmaq Song, Bailey and the Wolf, Bailey and the Horse, No Cream Ice Cream, The Sock Monster and The Book of Children.

Coming from New Brunswick, Pat has Mi’kmaq roots from which her appreciation for the outdoors and nature is beautifully displayed in her painted tiles and pendants. The tiles are available in various sizes and pendants in a variety of shapes – both have a multitude of colours.

The inks seem to have a life of their own, and once you start a piece, you’re never quite sure where it will lead. You don’t have to be able to draw or to be artistic to produce beautiful results, the alcohol Inks do most of the work,” affirms Pat.

Her painted tiles and pendants are an unique gift for Christmas, teachers, collectors and office colleagues. All money raised will used for cancer research and discoveries, provide support services to cancer patients while making possible other life-altering services.

I am a Cancer Fighter. I am taking action to change the future of this disease for my friends, family and Canadians nationwide.” 

To support Pat in her endeavour and view her beautiful alcohol ink tiles and pendants, visit her website or send her an email at She is pleased to offer porch pick-up for Stittsville residents or you can request a quote for shipping.


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