Stittsville South construction resumes, and that means more blasting

After a few months of delay because of missing permits, construction is proceeding south of the Westwind community in what’s known as Stittsville South.

That construction involves a lot of loud, foundation-shaking blasting, and Councillor Shad Qadri provided an update – and admonishment – about the plans in his newsletter on Friday.

“When the blasting began, the contractor did not feel it was necessary to provide residents notice of the work this time around as was done in the spring,” wrote Qadri. “I felt this was unacceptable and had my office contact the developer to have another notice provided which was delivered to houses within 75 meters of the site which was completed earlier this week.”

“Another concern raised by residents was that pre-blasting signals were not done as required before a blast. Given the concern for public safety and following some of the information I was receiving from the public, I ensured City staff in Development Review Services Branch was made aware. Staff was put in contact with the contractors and they noted that all audio signals are mandatory and that they are being used effectively. These concerns were also brought to the attention of the Ministry of Labour to ensure the developer and the sub-contractors are providing a safe blasting site,” he wrote.

Qadri also says that he believes that the current regulations that call for a 75-metre radius for pre-blast surveys and monitoring isn’t enough and he will be reviewing this requirement.

He advises that residents who believe the blasting has caused damage to their homes should report to the contractor, Normac Drillers by contacting Tim Gervais at 613-880-6537, as well as the City.

“I think it is important that these concerns are sent to the City and I would encourage anyone who is concerned with damage to their property to send an email including photos a description of the damage to Kevin Lamer, Program Manager, Development Inspection at with CC to me at”

“Residents also have the option to submit a legal claim into the City if they are not pleased with the response from City staff or the blasting monitoring company.”

As for a schedule for upcoming blasting, residents can expect at least a few more months of work.

Cavanagh Construction has advised they have commenced work again on Area 6 (known as Stittsville South Subdivision) with work including earthworks, blasting, movement of materials on site.  There are two components for the works related to the sites as indicated within the attached sketch.  The first area is the subdivision itself and the second is the Shea Road Pump Station.  With saying this, they have rock removal, by means of blasting and hoe-ramming rock in both contracts.  A pre-blast survey has been completed both contracts for the construction,” according to Qadri.

Map of Stittsville South blasting


  • Blasting is being completed for Shea Road Pump Station on behalf of Regional Group, 2347789 Ontario Limited, Tartan Development and Davidson Lands.
  • Blasting is being completed on Stittsville South Subdivision on behalf of Regional Group and 12347789 Ontario Limited
  • Blasting is on-going in the Stittsville South Subdivision for approximately 3 weeks
  • Blasting will commence on Shea Road Pumping Station lands from November 14th until Christmas Break
  • All vibrations are monitored with seismographs that are located at the nearest residence closest to the blast area.
  • Notifications have been sent out to all residences within 150 metres of the blast area location
  • All monitoring readings have been well below the allowable limits as per City of Ottawa specification and OPSS120 (Ontario regulations governing the use of explosives)





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