SURVEY SAYS: 90% of residents want a public school in Stittsville

Stat from the Stittsville public high school survey

Parents who are part of the Stittsville Public High School Now group presented the results of their survey at a school board meeting on Tuesday.  A large group of Stittsville parents attended the Committee of the Whole meeting.

Among the highlights released by the group:

  • Almost 22% of respondents have already switched their child(ren) from public to Catholic schools
  • 56% will attend Sacred Heart if no public high school exists when they need to choose even though 80% of the respondents are in the public system today
  • 58% (1,078) strongly agree/agree that they have considered switching school boards due to no public HS
  • Over 50% (936) strongly agree/agree they feel they had/will have no choice but to switch to Catholic board due to proximity
  • 73% (1,248) say their child(ren) will attend a public high school in Stittsville if a new one exists when they need on
  • Almost 28% strongly agree/agree they considered moving out of Stittsville to be closer to public high school
  • Over 85% (1,414) say that “Proximity to Home” is somewhat or very important in selecting a high school
  • Over 79% (1,308) say that having a “Community Hub” within a new school infrastructure is somewhat important or very important in selecting a high school90

Here’s a copy of the presentation that was made at the meeting:

The Ottawa Carleton District School Board needs to submit a list of capital priorities to the Ministry of Education by July 15.  The Stittsville high school project currently sits at number two on the list.


2 thoughts on “SURVEY SAYS: 90% of residents want a public school in Stittsville”

  1. Who are the 10% that are not in favor? Spiteful Catholics afraid of competition? Why do they always get to have all the prime real estate in the most prime locations with the nicest largest most lushest properties and park settings with the tallest shiniest buildings and with the largest electronic billboards? It sure helps not taxing churches, yet taxing us to make their schools what they are. So are we going to see a judge not throwing out a case against this ongoing nonsense, in our lifetime? eg. most recent case by Reva Landau, google it.

  2. Hi Joe,

    Unless I am mistaken, you can direct your taxes to the public board instead of the Catholic board. I assume you are unaware of this because you said “It sure helps not taxing churches, yet taxing us to make their schools what they are.”

    Personally, I was not in favour because there are 2 High Schools within 10km (roughly) of each other, plus the fact that a French Catholic HS is in the works near Fernbank.


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