Traffic calming measures – installation dates altered due to COVID-19

(Kittiwake Drive, Stittsville)

Ottawa is making adjustments to the installation dates for the 2020 Temporary Traffic Calming Measures Program (TTCMP) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TTCMP follows a set schedule for the re-instatement of existing seasonal measures and the installation of new ones. The planned schedule for the 2020 program was originally planned to begin in April, but has now been adjusted as follows:

  • Re-instatement of flex stakes and cycling delineators at existing locations locations – this will now start the week of July 20 with three to four installations at existing locations per ward every two weeks;
  • *Repainting of existing pavement markings* – will begin in early July. Existing school markings will be prioritized with the goal of
    completing them prior to the start of the new school year. New pavement markings will take place once older markings are repainted and should be completed by the fall;
  • Installation of flex stakes and cycling delineators at new locations – will likely begin in late June and given the number of planned new locations, should be completed by the beginning of August;
  • Speed board installations are currently on hold. Tasks essential to complete installation do not allow for staff to maintain a two-metre separation as per physical distancing requirements; and
  • October 26 is the anticipated date to begin the removal of flex stakes and cycling delineators (date may fluctuate depending on weather projections).
  • *The application of pavement markings is weather-dependent.

The timelines are subject to change depending on city staff availability
due to COVID-19, in addition to weather conditions.


3 thoughts on “Traffic calming measures – installation dates altered due to COVID-19”

  1. Wouldn’t it just be more cost effective to skip this process completely this summer instead of installing these markers for 3 months (at most)? The pace to deploy seems so slow, which I fully understand, but might some locations be barely up before it’s time to remove them again?

    I don’t want to start a debate on the usefulness or impedance of TTCMP but just looking at the cost for such a short time it is a no brainer to me for this to not occur this year.

  2. So I see the they installed the Flex speed stake on Alon St. today. I thought all these work projects weren’t going to happen for a couple of months from now. What changed?

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