MUST WATCH: Cool video of city snowplow operations

Hien Hoang - snow removal video

Who knew snow clearing could be so dramatic?  Hien Hoang put together this video of city snow removal in the Fairwinds neighbourhood from earlier today.

It’s full of dramatic shots of heavy equipment, phalanxes of dump trucks, and sweeping aerial shots of plows in the neighbourhood.

“I came home for lunch and got trapped in by the whole production,” he says. “So I decided to capture some ground and aerial footage of it all. Its pretty amazing!”

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7 thoughts on “MUST WATCH: Cool video of city snowplow operations”

  1. Great video. Why does the opening text says “Kanata” instead of “Stittsville”? A lot of places in Stittsville identify themselves as being in Kanata (ex. Lowes)… I wonder how/why they do that considering they are clearly in the Stittsville boundary map. Do you have any answers Stittsville Central?

    1. Hi Angie. I think there is a lot of confusion about where precisely Kanata ends and Stittsville begins. Generally speaking, anything west of the Carp River and south of the Queensway is usually considered Stittsville.
      Some stores will call themselves “Kanata” to make them seem less distant from the city core. Same with real estate agents – a home in Kanata might be more marketable because it “sounds” closer than a home in Stittsville.
      Canadian Tire Centre is technically in Stittsville Ward, although usually it’s referred to as being in Kanata.
      You can see the official ward boundaries here:

  2. COOL! We loved watching this and no doubt many little boys & girls will be watching your video on rewind (my son was obsessed with trucks when he was little). Great music too. Thanks for sharing Hien Hoang.

  3. Great video to see. Also great to have someone appreciating the City of Ottawa Road Services. They never get the credit they deserve.

  4. My complements and apprecitions from the goverment to look after the citizens – from all levels of goverments from Municipal to Provincial to Federal of this great wonderful Canada Nation that I call my Country – a Heaven on Earth.

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