WholeHealth Pharmacy welcomes new pharmacy assistant as demand grows

Owner/Pharmacist/Manager, Avish Shah, was delighted to have an opportunity to open a pharmacy here in Stittsville in December 2018, after commuting to and from Perth for the previous 8 years, where he had his first Canadian pharmacy.

Avish and his family moved to Stittsville from South Africa in 2010, where they love living and participating in our community. His wife works at Bed Bath and Beyond, two children are in high school and their elder daughter attends university studying biomedical science.

Being away from Stittsville last winter, I missed the grand opening of his pharmacy in January, and curious about the “new kid on the block”, I went over to investigate this summer.

Meeting Avish for the first time, I was impressed by his friendly nature and commitment to personalized service. We chatted at length and I immediately decided to move my prescriptions and put myself in his care. My only regret is that I didn’t discover this exceptional pharmacist earlier.

(Owner/Manager/Pharmacist Avish Shah of WholeHealth Pharmacy. Photo: Janice Blain)

For his patients/customers he offers a Travel Consultation service, advising people on travel immunization requirements and, in consultation with their doctor, he will administer the necessary injections. He also administers flu shots, pneumonia vaccines and up to 12 other prescribed vaccinations.

His stock of everyday pharmacy needs include supplements and vitamins, but given the vast array of products available he cannot carry them all. However, he will happily source your preferred type, on request.

Gluten free foods and healthier options in snacks and soft drinks are also offered, his focus being on all aspects of health and well being.

A much appreciated bonus for seniors, is 20% off regularly priced front store items, every day. This is evidence of his respect for the older generation and his wish to provide the best service possible to his customers.

Free delivery service of prescriptions is also geared to seniors, or others with mobility restrictions.

The recent hiring of a Pharmacy Assistant attests to his popularity and the growing demands for the services Avish offers. Fika’s charming manner, compliments the warm relationships Avish has with his customers and her smiling helpfulness is a welcome addition to the pharmacy.

(Fika, Pharmacy Assistant at WholeHealth Pharmacy. Photo: Janice Blain)

If you haven’t yet visited WholeHealth Pharmacy in our local medical building at 1609 Main Street, I urge you to do so, where you will also find Dynacare for blood work, Avantia Medical Imaging, West Physio and Prism Opthalmology, all with ample parking.

With the flu season upon us, there could be no better time to meet Avish. He now has in stock, the regular flu vaccine ready to help you to protect yourself against the flu, and he can provide information regarding the high dose vaccine available to those over 65 through their doctor. After receiving a flu shot, Avish has a treat for the little ones!

Open 7 days a week and on statuary holidays, you can visit Stittsville WholeHealth Pharmacy during these convenient hours:

Monday-Friday:           9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday:                    10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday:                       10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Statutory Holidays:  10:00 am – 2:00 pm

For further information, please visit the WholeHealth Pharmacy website at www.stittsvillewhp.com.

(WholeHealth Pharmacy Storefront at 1609 Main Street. Photo: Janice Blain)



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