Zoning change request for new private school on Huntmar

180 Huntmar - Kanata Academy proposed elevation

The owners of a property at 180 Huntmar Drive have submitted a zoning amendment change to allow construction of a private school  and medical facility.

In the application, the private school is listed as Kanata Academy School, which has an existing facility on Beaverbrook Road in Kanata. (We’ve reached out to them for more information but haven’t heard back yet.)

The land is on the east side of Huntmar, about halfway between Maple Grove and Palladium. It’s currently zoned “Development Reserve”, but they owners wanted a “Mixed Commercial” zoning that would allow for the new uses.  (You can read all the supporting documentation here.)

The proposed private school would be two stories, and includes a half-size soccer field on the site.  A second phase of development would add a third storey to the school, and a third phase of development would include the separate medical building.

There’s currently no water or sewer hook-ups to the site, so the owners are proposing using an existing well for water and installing a private septic system.

Bird's eye view of 180 Huntmar, via Bing Maps.
Bird’s eye view of 180 Huntmar, via Bing Maps.



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  1. Maybe I am just a dreamer, but I would love to see more restaurants along Huntmar in the hope that we can have a “West-end Sens Mile”. Bars/restaurants along Huntmar with underground tunnels to the CTC : )

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