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NOTEBOOK: New restaurant on Stittsville Main, OC Transpo suburb service, more

Stittsville Main Street is getting a new restaurant this spring. Kevin Conway and his partner Allison Pearce plan to open a 30-seat restaurant called Jack Ketch at 1536 Stittsville Main Street. Most recently, the building was home to Brown Bear Daycare.

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COMMENT: Ice those plans for changes to minimum snowplow standards

(Snow removal in Fairwinds. Photo by Hien Hoang.)

Forgive me for being cynical, but when you schedule a presentation about snowplow service during the first week of July, and only tell the public about it two days before the long weekend, my first thought is that you’re trying to bury some bad news.

That’s exactly what it looks like the City has done with a KPMG report scheduled to be tabled at a Transportation Committee meeting on Wednesday.   Continue reading


COMMENT: Bradley-Craig demolition debate was constructive (somewhat)

ABOVE: Bradley-Craig Barn, October 2015. Photo by Barry Gray.

UPDATE: City council approved the demolition/relocation on Wednesday. The vote was 20-3, with councillors Leiper, Nussbaum and McKenney opposing demolition.


Today’s marathon debate at Planning Committee on the fate of the Bradley-Craig barn was so long that councillors ordered in pizza, and one even fell asleep (I won’t name names). Continue reading


Jan Harder: “Suburban way of life is still the dream”

EDITOR’S NOTE: At today’s Planning Committee meeting, chair Jan Harder addressed the committee members and talked about her vision and goals for planning during this council term.  Stittsville is one of the fastest-growing wards in the city, so we thought it would be useful to share Harder’s comments here.

Some of remarks that will be of interest to Stittsville residents: 

  • “…city-building extends beyond the downtown core. It is also about recognizing that the suburban way of life is still the dream and lifestyle choice of many and to this end that suburban growth will continue, and should continue.”
  • “The development-review process needs to be timely; The City needs to be clear and consistent about its requirements; Developers need to respect City plans.”
  • “…planning is the single most contentious area of consultation and information-sharing. Planning can be change. Planning can mean disruption in our lives. But planning can also mean preservation, and planning can mean better neighbourhoods.” 
  • “For too long planning has been seen as a negative in this building and in our community. Partly due to uncertainty in the rules of the game, and partly due to poor communications. This began to change last term.”
  • “We’re moving ahead with the Building Better and Smarter Suburbs project to look at how we can improve suburban design involving all City departments, utilities and school boards.”

The full text is below.

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