20 OC Transpo buses on stand-by to supplement the Confederation Line

(R1 buses distinctly identified and amassed at the RCGT Stadium. Photo: City of Ottawa) 

A back-up plan is in place should the Confederation Line experience another malfunction. OC Transpo has 20 supplemental buses in waiting at the Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Baseball Stadium (RCGT) at Conventry Road. This new plan goes into effect on December 2, 2019.

These buses will be utilized on downtown routes should any further problems arise with the Confederation R1 train service. Regular bus routes will continue servicing customers without disruption to their travel.

This results in more rapid deployment of R1 service when needed and more reliable bus service overall commented John Manconi, General Manager of Transporation Services, in a memo released Friday afternoon. The buses are clearly marked as being part of the R1 bus replacement service, which will help customers to identify them when deployed, Manconi pointed out.

Customers, members of Council and the Transit Commission were thanked for the constructive feedback received as OC Transpo works through this period of transition towards a true multi-modal transportation system.

Regular reports of the work being done to improve Confederation Line service can be found on The O-Line web portal here.


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