CITIZEN: Ottawa’s garbage plan is a real stinker

Randall Denley writes in the Ottawa Citizen:

People driving on the 417 to Kanata or Stittsville can’t miss two distinctive landmarks. There is the Canadian Tire Centre and on the other side of the road, and just a little farther out, is a massive landfill site.

That might seem incongruous and it’s getting weirder by the month. One wouldn’t have thought a landfill would be an ideal neighbour, but that isn’t stopping development from springing up around the site… It seems like a recipe for trouble, given the problems Waste Management had with odours from the site when it was in full operation…

The provincial government is the one that approved the Carp Road landfill and is responsible for regulating non-residential garbage. Safe to say Carp Mountain, big though it is, can’t be seen from the windows of Queen’s Park. If someone wanted to expand a landfill in a built-up area of, say, Mississauga, it might be perceived differently.

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